Here’s a little bit about me before we meet, I am a mom of two beautiful kids and they are the root of my passion for photography.  It started with my son, when he was born I bought my very first DSLR, and every time I had a few minutes to spare instead of getting some rest I took out my camera.  I took pictures of him with different out-fits, different lighting, and used every holiday as an excuse to dress him up for more pictures.  Then my daughter came and my passion grew even more.  I took both of them to parks, the beach, the mall, and pretty snow days with tons of props for some fun pictures.  More than the posed pictures, I love looking back at the moments of my son tickling my daughter, or my daughter laughing out loud.  So here I am doing just this, using my love for everyday giggles and smiles to capture your family’s treasured moments.

Natural photographs are what feed my soul, as I enjoy the candid shots with pure moments that make families or couples who they are.  I officially  started my passion for photography in 2016, when I first launched my site to the world.  Since then I have had experience with many types of shoots, some that started at sunrise for a meditation session to spending the day with a family as I took natural candid pictures of them playing, eating, baking, and so on.

Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in my work, feel free to send me any questions or comments via email. Every shoot is customized , and I am always open to new ideas!!