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Starting the new year with a blog and some goals!!!

Ever have one of those days where you have so much in your brain and a different idea keeps popping up in your head? That is what happens to me at the beginning of each month, so imagine the beginning of a new year. I am so energized and recharged that I want to do so much all at once. That’s what got me thinking, maybe writing it down could help document these thoughts. Most of my thoughts are about what I want to photograph next, or what type of shoot I want to try, how I want to improve my sessions, and what I can do to capture EVERYTHING my kids do so I never forget these precious times. So here I go, starting 2019 with some fun ideas, comments, and sessions (related to my two favorite topics KIDS and PHOTOGRAPHY). Even if you aren’t booking a session keep reading because as a photographer I have so many mommy tips and I have learned a lot from my 3 years of photographing kids, families, and doing events.

Tips straight out of a mom’s head on capturing memories (from popping to coloring)

Here is a useful tip, take videos!!!. Not photography related, but still very important. I don’t mean just videos of your kids throughout the day, I mean take a video of every single photography session. I have a few videos I had my husband take while doing a session for my own kids and I love looking back at them. My daughter who is now almost 5 (still can’t believe it), watches her in-home cake smash shoot I did and she giggles every time. She loves watching my son try to steal some cake, and her favorite part is when she says “mmm” after licking some icing.

Another fun tip, take videos!!!!. OKay I said that already but seriously take videos of everything, especially the simple stuff. I have tons of videos of my daughter doing what she does best (coloring). Sounds silly right, she’s just coloring, but shes the happiest when she colors so why not take a video of it or even a picture. Okay here’s one only a mom will get, videos of potty training. Yes gross huh, taking videos of them popping (lol). But its so cute, when I look back at my son’s potty training videos I always shed some tears. It takes me back to the time when he was 2.5 and he would just sit on that toilet for an hour and sing songs while I sat on a red MaQueen stool waiting for him to just poop!!!.. Terrible times I must say, but now I love showing him the video and watching his reaction.

Let me end with, make physical albums or if your a digital type of person make tons of slide shows to look back to of the simple everyday pictures you took on your phone, or print them and put them all over the house. I love blowing up pictures of the simple stuff, not the pictures of them looking at the camera and smiling, but the images of their hair blowing while they on the swing, something that shows our kids being kids.. I have this one image I took of my son eating a donut, and I love it so much. The way he is eating that donut is the cutest and most adorable thing. He was about 2 years old and he tried his first chocolate donut and his face was just glowing as he ate it. The simplest thing but I still look back at it and smile as I imagine that moment watching him devour the yummy snack. He always laughs and says “mom I have chocolate all over my face” when he sees it on my night stand and that makes the image even more precious.

If you haven’t been doing this its okay, strart now. Start this year, make this a priority to take atleast 3 video a day. Here’s wish list of what I want to take a video of this month.

  1. I want a video of my kids reactions when I pick them up from school (honestly every day they are just as happy as the day before and I love it.)
  2. I want a video of my son playing fortnite. He is obsessed with it and I want him to see it when he is older, his dedication, and commitment to fortnite is REAL.. Its something he should see when he gets older so when I tell him how much he loved it he can actually watch him self 10-20 years later.
  3. I want my husband to take a video of me playing with the kids. Since I am the mom and the photographer so I barely ever have anything of me with the kids and its just not fair. So now I will have to be mindful of making sure someone is taking pictures or videos of me with them, even my hair is at its worst.. its not for me its for them to look back to.

So what’s on your wish list of videos or pictures you want to take this month/ this year??? ( and it doesn’t have be ne about kids it could be about anything you want to look back to years from now so that you never forget the most important moments. Make a list right now!

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